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If you want to upgrade your kitchen without spending a lot of money, find out how to paint kitchen cabinets are the perfect solution for DIY. A new type of water-based paints such as acrylics, alkyds and acrylic ure thanes have made it easier to get a job that is durable, professional-looking. This finish can be cleaned with water and do not make your home that smells like a chemical plant. And quality tools such as mini rollers and good consumer-class atomizer allows even beginners to get pro results.

The technique of painting

Avoid a boring on the wall by using a particular painting technique. There are some special paints and techniques can transform the walls of your kitchen to look awesome. Make certain painting techniques do not need to hire a professional because it can be taken as a DIY project. For example, the primary colors of wall coverings and DAB sponge in paint to create the appearance of cement. As an alternative, use special paints are available in local stores.

Label doors

Start by making a quick sketch or two showing all doors and drawers when you learn how to repaint kitchen cabinets. Number them however you want. Then label the doors and drawers with numbers when you remove it. Write below the location of the hinge which will not be visible. Then close the number with masking tape to protect them while you’re painting.

Don’t go overboard on sanding

You have to sand the cabinets before the beginning how you paint the kitchen cabinet project to provide new paint is a good surface for grip. But you don’t have to sand bare wood. If your closet has a factory finish, sand lightly with 120 grit sandpaper or sanding sponge. If the rough surface of the previous paint job or a bad job varnishing, starting with coarse sand paper 100to eliminate lumps. Then sand with 120grit to get rid of the signs of sanding


Place the hardware of each cabinet door (includes hinge) in separate plastic bags and signs them with a permanent marker. Then place a sticky note next to the door of the closet coordination. In this way you will know what screws, hinges and knobs pulls away with every door and they will perfectly align when you screw them back.


Trust me on this: the preparation work is key. When I painted my kitchen cabinets from white oak class Builder, I first use a degreaser to clean every closet doors (front, back, and sides) plus the base cabinets. You need to clean the surface of the perfect cat to follow.

You may also want to sand the surface of Your cabinets with light sandpaper to give them a bit of grit. This will also help the paint adhere to smooth surfaces you. Just make sure you clean up all the dust before you begin painting.

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