What is token Arcona?
The owner of the token will offer the price, has a lot of digital and receives the lot rental which is used by another program of the fact that the extra on the top of the platform. Digital Land is one of the main assets of the Arcona. You can buy, sell and rent earth and 3d content using the standard ERC20 token called Arcona. Intelligent blocking contracts guarantee the protection of copyright and property rights. This system automatically pays royalties and rentals to the owner of digital assets.
The reality of the Arcona
The technological revolution replaced the world of this world. Communication technologies evolve very quickly, many scientists and designers anticipate a lot of change in our gadget-filled world. The goal is to unite the real world of Arcona and Maya in a space of information that has a relationship with the real world.

With the rapidly changing technology, the experience of traveling may be within reach for everyone.

Introduce, Arcona creating ecosystems plus brings the physical world and the virtual world into a single environment that is related to the real world. As described below.

Arcona, will benefit most from traffic especially attractive tourists around the world to come and try the Digital ground. What’s a Digital land? According to the Arcona, “Digital Dirt” is a layer of Augmented Reality brings together the world’s physical and virtual information environment into a single perfectly connected to the real world. It is designed for the everyday user experience with interactive multimedia content, virtual and augmented reality blends real-world location.


The main options include:

  • Remote Setup-Arcona can let all those that develop virtual comes anyplace during this virtual world and that they do not ought to leave their favorite chairs. they’ll choose the foremost standard and visited most and might create their own all on a chunk of land.
  • Build and trade-the world market can open in ecosystems Arcona. they’ll be ready to purchase, sell and rent any a part of the land of Digital. create cash by making and mercantilism their content are created higher and additional exceptional.
  • Protection – good blockchain contract guarantees the protection of the property rights and copyrights. The system can mechanically send royalty payments to content creators and homeowners of digital assets for transaction.

The main quality

The main quality of this system of Digital ground is Arcona, engineered on the values of blockchain. Legislation for land use can bedefined in contract Ethereum. Anyone are going to be ready to purchase lots of their own to the quality token – ERC20 Arcona.

They ruled

And once it’s their land – it’s their rules. every heap of ground Digital connected with a certain location within the physical world. this is often the place wherever the owner can attract additional folks to share with them the results of all the work.

ICO details

  • a complete of signs of trouble: a hundred million
  • the kinds of tokens: ERC20
  • Basic price: one Token equal one USD
  • arduous Cap: $35 M
  • ICO early: Nov twenty seven, 201
  • ICO finish date: December twenty seven, 2017
  • No signs are going to be issued once ICO



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