Biometrides – Identifying technologies with face recognition

About Biometrids

Biometrids platform is the online ID on blockchain that uses machine learning for face recognition. With face recognition, it is possible to verify a person is who they say they are. Biometrids solves one of the biggest problems today is confronted in blockchain ecosystems and in life. Biometrids is the ID of the decentralization that uses blockchain to identify people. The use of blockchain guarantee that all people are anonymous, but still applies to transact with each other. By using the API that is connected to Biometridsplatform, any service can adopt Protocol ID us into their system, and force people to use your Biometrids ID to enhance the security of knowing their customers Transact with those of the original.



We use machine learning to ensure face recognition. Although your appearance may be changed from time to time, the contours of your face will always remain the same. If a company or users need to identify you, they can send a request to Biometrids Your wallet. The request will appear on your screen and you just scan your face. This will validate the identity of the company or your users. We are building a platform that can carry out other blockchain projects.

This can be a wallet, Bank, company, real estate partners, and much more. If the developer wants to use the wallet system, they only apply a fire; After that, you can use your face to login into your wallet and you will be able to pay them directly. The shops today have implemented a lot of purses, so it will be very simple to make the payment. Just scan your face and accept payment requested. And off you go. The same process will be used for public service. If you get stopped by the police, then just scan your face and your SIM they can read on their devices. List of opportunities goes on and on.

How does it work?

Face recognition work around images of people. This image could be 2D or 3D. If we use the 2D image, the possibility of manipulation will increase significantly due to the non-complexity in the picture and the fact that it is very easy to take pictures of other people, scan with your phone and then log in to the user account. By using the 3D image, we will increase the complexity significantly. When you need to have the ear, the eye, and the Chin, from the corner, it gets much more complicated to manipulate. When we also added scans of the skin, and maybe even a scanner, complexity and uniqueness will be in a much more satisfactory levels and scan your face will be unique.

We will incorporate facial recognition with the password, gives a more complete and highly secure system where each face is unique and is known to the system.



We have the solutions to solve the problems of identity at blockchain. Today we face the problem of General blockchain, with identity. KYC, which they are forced to by the Government. Therefore we need a decentralized identity, which can help solve this problem.

Pre-ICO November 25. 5 million coins available
ICO 16 Dec. 70 million coins available.


  • 5% will be sold at the pre-ICO.
  • 5% bounty and advisors.
  • 70% will be for sale do crowdsale.
  • 10% will be for the team.
  • 10% going to the Foundation.

Pre-ICO will run for one week and the price will be 910 id/1eth. Crowdsale will run for four weeks and the price will be:

  • Sunday 1:665 id/1eth
  • Sunday 2:550 id/1eth
  • Sunday 3:500 id/1eth
  • Sunday 4:450 id/1eth

Pre-Ico and crowdsale will run until the end of the date, or until all the coins are sold. 10% for the team and 10% to the Foundation will be locked up for three years. Each coin that is not sold during the ICO will be locked up for five years. After five years, they will be sold back to the beginning investor in doing private fund-raising campaign. They will not be sold on the stock exchange.




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