About Honor

The coin could be a sign of honor supported the technology blocks of Ethereum. this is often the most feature of the new Jubs platform represented during this project. Users UN agency have the respect will redeem them for a contract, get them on the Jubs platform, use them in further services aimed toward professionals UN agency area unit registered or changed with the fiduciary currency within the exchanges of Couple.

For future generations, the new business career, service are going to be new jobs, and therefore the new crypto currency. we have a tendency to from the utilitarian platform cryptocurrency Jubs through respect, we’ve got created a replacement idea of informal recognition of the work expertise and therefore the career, antecedently offered solely by the skilled trajectories of the nice Organizations that focus.

JUBS making an attempt to urge into the Latin market honors cryptocurrency inbuilt good contracts with the mission to make a flow, and secure daily expertise in hiring third party services and tasks, affirmative a replacement culture remuneration supported the demand for skills, performance and skilled name.

HONOR looked as if it would be simply outside the transactional cryptocurrency, however additionally a signal that the utility power JUBSed the complete platform. Includes: suburbanised markets for the provision and demand of jobs, services and tasks. Conversion of bank credit, quotas and fiduciary currency into revenant Crypto or revenant service payments. an off-the-cuff history of ordinance work and skilled identification isn’t modified. the upkeep of the reward, the penalty and therefore the name area unit clear.

Trust and backbone of conflicts in on-line and offline services. The Immortal Records of communication and collective insurance. additionally to the intelligent service provision and therefore the application of AN extended warrant.


Opportunity to evolve to $50 + billion/year
Advertise to young experts entered the offices of Latin America
The unemployment rate among young people compared with the adult experts
Independent experts works only in the US until the year 2020
In developing the business sectors of digital currency only in the year 2017Reliability
Utilizing their HONORtokens Jubs, experts can offer service contracts. The quality of the
Through the machine reward, jeep line of animation or rejected by grade level
Clients with high fame on stage Jubs compensation for possible clashes between customers and experts.

TOKEN crypto sold GONDON honor (HNR) is the main financial instrument transactions on JUBS platform. Sales during the campaign ICO will be starting in 2018. The HONOR of the Cryptococcus (HNOR) will be shared at a ratio of HTH 1 ETH to daily exchange rate-based on participant-in the period of the initial contribution, starting on January 15, 2018. The initial contribution period will run for 4 weeks or less than 24 hours if the USD 15 M limit is reached.

More information please go to the official website below:

Official Website: https://honor.appjubs.com/

Official Whitepaper: https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/appjubs/HONOR+-+WHITEPAPER+1.2+-+EN-US.pdf

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2620238.0

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