IPSX-Decentralized marketplace for IP sharing

PSX – A decentralized exchange for IPs sharing and a Framework for application building, first of the prevailing IPs shared by community members and information centers. A wise mainly based contract, blocks protocols and utility token incentivized mechanism to share IPs between actors from all over the planet and a framework to make applications that need IPs in-built a reliable supply environment and Open.

How it works

As an associate grade user, you will be able to install Apps on your device and share your device’s computer systems in the intervals seconds on the IP share platform, or the existing grade income data processing IPSX platform Associate. As an information center, you will be able to share a group of IPS not used in the IPSX platform.

IPSX schema is structured into 3 main layers: block layer, front layer and VPN affiliation layer. Each of those layers are terribly represented} a very careful level in the look document.


The IPSX system has 3 main operational layer :

  • Layers Blocks/Ethereum-consist of contract centralizer either can handle the token folder, profiles, and balance. In addition the team is exploring the possibility of desegregation protocol Raiden to micropayments for this layer
  • Front-end application layers: shows that the interface with Java applications IPSX ordered the communication with the contract either Centralizer and VPN applications.
  • VPN Connection service layer: a reference to third-party VPN applications is accustomed to instantiating a VPN connection between the actors.


In greater than contract Either the Centralizer can carry cases (ID) that manages the token of a IPSX balance user and alternate notes. Java uses consist of a sequence of books, the book deal, basically matching the graduated association can play the functions of the exchange. IPSX plans to develop the SDK and the gender API to sanction employers and developers to create new IP-effect applications on high platforms.

Use cases that most can benefit :

  • VPN Provider
  • Data processing code
  • Internet Crawl Bot


IPSX token

IPSX can sign the supported utility ERC20 normal use as an Exchange unit between vendors and the applicant in IPSX schema. In addition, IPSX even became accustomed to forcing the Commission’s payment to the platform. Project of IPSX by hand and administered by the project of silver of Geralka based mainly in Svizzera. Dominant individuals embrace business executive-Martyrd creator Bunea-Sergiu Draganus. The details of the square measure token are given below :

  • Source: One of 800 000 000 IPSX
  • Hard hats-The ETH 10 800
  • Raised in pre-sale-half a dozen 500 ETH
  • Price: Single ETH = 588.23529 70 IPSX
  • Date TGE (expected)-Gregorian calendar Twenty eight months 2018






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