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About Joytoken

JoyToken is a platform and protocols that form the basis for the “Trust” ecosystem gambling, where the Smart contract is used to determine the outcome of the game automatically. JoyToken’s goal is to promote the growth of the gambling industry by creating entrepreneurial opportunities for game developers who might not otherwise have access to a large audience. By joining the JoyToken platform, the game developer can earn the distribution and get the rewards out of their game.

How Does It Work?

Develop sport in trading gambling is also a difficult method and expanded; especially in the face of sometimes distribution, the term regulatif and the integration of the game you are playing very providers. Great game developers have their internal game development cluster itself and has bowed to use only a few freelance game developer, freelance developer produces small with limited access to the growing market of today.

Similarly, sports players lose the possibility of exciting new games and casino operators to trust the World Health Organization’s on-line offers very little transparency to their players. In addition, the developers of this ancient business model failed to reach all the potential players bent; especially the Millennium World Health Organization need to have their experience of gambling; on the side of anonymous cash, trust and transparency.

In an online casino that is ancient, the buyer sends the cash to the casino to play the game. This creates the opportunity for potential fraud. The joy of play to solve this flaw by exploitation of the Blockchain technology. All player funds will take place in the case of JoyToken each player. Once players place bets, cash will be sent to a reasonable contract that is able to manage the results of bets for the local attitude. the exploitation of Blockchain implies that the casinos (i.e., sensation play Platform) has no player from the top management of cash at any time.


The player has a/cash in minimal time. The player is that the only one who has the rights to the management of their funds. Bet will be managed during the exploitation of the local way of good application Contracts. The Game
Application code games will be hosted on their servers or host through the network of IPFS in vain//Storj. The game then the results can be communicated either contract. After that, the server can give the State Sports Sports Blockchain JSON RPC exploitation through IPC. The expertise of the users will not be pinched by the use/availability of Blockchain as a result of all the results of the game will be retrieved now. This feature ensures that users expertise near ancient gameplay, while making sure that the methods other than it’s really clear and locally. each game code can be accessed at Blockchain in conjunction with full auditability at the range randomly generated.

Tokens for sale
JoyTokens will be retrieved for purchase on network Ethereum as associate degree ERC20 token. There are current challenges with ERC20 token: If you send the token to a reasonable contract, you must use the “approve + transfer form” do to make the transfer. But, if you send the token to associate degree outwardly closely held addresses, you must use the “transfer” of doing. Unfortunately, if you make a mistake the exploitation functions, then the money is lost.

Token Sale
February 27, 2018 17:00 – March 29, 2018 UTC 17:00 UTC
Supply: 700 million JOY
Price: 1 JOY = 0.20 USD
Hardcover: 46,340,000 USD
Sheet Sheet: 1 million USD
Currencies accepted:
Token distribution ETH, BTC and the Wire Transfer date: March 29, 2018
Emission Rate: no new token to be created
20% pre-order Sale
30% Sold during Token Sale
10% Rewards pool
23% Sold on stage
12% Founding team (3 year vesting)
3% Ambassador
the 2% Reward Tokens for sale


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