5 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas – Refacing kitchen cabinets, also known as resurfacing, is the process of awarding the kitchen cabinets there is what is essentially a facelift, a new look for fresh, clean without having to change the original form .

An awful lot of housewives wanted a kitchen cabinet door refacing ideas since despite cheap prices so our kitchen will look new tampa spent a lot of money.


Eface or Replace?

When does it make sense to reface instead of replace? If you have no plans to remodel your kitchen, are happy with its layout, and your cabinet boxes are structurally sound, refacing is a good option. But, when you have a kitchen remodel on tap and/or your kitchen cabinets are inexpensive, poorly constructed, or damaged, refacing is not a cost-effective option.


Style Selections

Your choices will be broad when it comes to the natural and artificial materials available to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas. You’ll find replacement drawer fronts and doors available in cherry, oak, maple, and birch woods and laminates in both wood tones and a limited number of colors.

In addition to altering a cabinet’s color, refacing also allows you to choose a different door style that can change your kitchen’s character from country to contemporary, from traditional to transitional, or vice versa. You may also be able to switch how the doors will be hinged and select new hardware to further your preferred design style.

Though refacing cabinets can be a DIY project, applying the veneer can be tricky and may be best left to professionals. When hiring a refacing professional, get bids from at least three companies and check their references.


Less Expensive Options

Instead of refacing your cabinetry, replace just the cabinet doors with new doors that match the existing cabinet’s finish. Feeling energetic? Before purchasing new doors, give your cabinets a thorough cleaning that removes embedded dirt and oils to see if that improves the view. Or, refinish shabby patinas by stripping and staining doors, drawers, and cabinet boxes. Perk up timeworn cabinets by applying primer, paint, and/or glaze to create cabinets with custom


Refacing Entire Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas costs less money than buying new. For a wood front, resurface the cabinets with wood veneer. You’ll need to take off the doors and unscrew the hardware and hinges before you start. A degreaser and sandpaper gets the surface ready for veneer. Affix the veneer with spray adhesive and a pneumatic nailer. Continue the steps on the cabinet sides. Use a laminate cutter and veneer with adhesive already applied for the cabinet trim.

Apply wallpaper to the front of cabinets using decoupage glue. Look for a cheery berry print for a country or retro kitchen. Damask patterned wallpaper gives an elegant touch to a room. Blow up a recipe and print it out to decoupage the front of cabinet doors for graphic visual appeal.

Cabinet Cut-outs

Cut-outs allow you to replace the middle of kitchen cabinets with a new surface removing any damaged parts. Paint the rest of the door for a new look. Cut out the center of the door with a jigsaw and a router. Replace it with whimsical fabric panels or frosted glass in a modern kitchen.




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