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Persona provides the solution for identity management, appropriate with the lates data protection rule. Its empower the individuals  and also control over their personal data as well as the means to secure access to their private details.

It arise because millions of people sharing personal data with various parties, using smartphone wich is directly update the access site, and each of the servise provider that are in use.

By using Persona, people spend less time updating their data and servise provider can access the lattes version of the customer data.


  • Leverage on identity management servise
  • Protect individuals personal details
  • Empower each person and give them the power on what it shares and with whom when it comes about their identity and private details
  • Allow entrusted their parties which with private details to enrich their servise by offering trust as a servise
  • Prevent fake news, by providing a decentralized identity management system.
  • Streamline onboarding process since an individual might be already checked by some entity enrolled in the system

After the Bitcoin launcing in the late 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto offered a glimse of the underlying technology that powers its decentralized network,  the Blockchain.

The main strong points that the blockchain technology offers are:

  • Replace the middleman : There is no need anymore of trustful side, one that can be and is trusted by both sides involved in a transaction;
  • Decentralization : There is no single point of failure, while attacking the network is virtually imposible;
  • Immutability: a record written on the blockchain is there forever, unalterable;

Persona leverages the blockchain features, allowing a company to offer KYC (Know Your Customer) services to third party as well as benefiting from each other’s services. The verification process has two levels: Comunity and Professional KYC.


 The community representing the first level, where the identity is checked by peers and a common effort, where people are encouraged to validate each other’s identity. People will have to confirm the authenticity of documen and identity of the people applying to be checked.

The lsit of the documents needed to provide KYC are:

  • ID or passport or a government issued document (original document)
  • Copy of picture of your ID
  • A bank statement or an invoice that proves your recident

The documents save on the IPFS and signed by both of parties, the checker and the check, each time the person is checked.

Security and Data Safeguarding

Persona is composed of three segments:

  1. The blockchain which holds the transaction data and IPFS for storage
  2. A web app and dashboard for individual to use
  3. A mobile app which helps data management

The mobile application’s security is based upon:

  • PIN-based login
  • Optional finggerprint scan

The web application’s security is 2FA Authentication

Once the user creates his identity, the data stored is secured by the cryptographic algorithms of the blockchain. Many easons why blochchain is more  secure than a centralized application: lack of asingle-point of failure, no-prone to human errors or data stealing.

PERSONA Technology and Atchitecture :

Blockchain design

The Persona Blockchain represents a DPoS system with 51 delegates which makes 5 6 use of the Ark technology (Persona is a fork of ARK, following ARK’s vision of approach). The number of delegates has been set to 51 in order to support the estimated number of nodes and transactions for the first year. If the number of Pesona users will increase to a value greater than 1,000,000, an update proposal will be published and discussed in the communit so the number of delegates can be increased. This approach is taken in order to ensure the necessary scalability for Persona.
Based on the technical description of the ARK blockchain is as follows:

  • DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake):
  1. 51 active forging Delegates
  2. Delegates selected by vote mechanism built into DPoS
  • 100 Million PRS — Seeded Genesis Block
  • Multi-signature accounts
  • The block reward and inflation graph are illustrated below :


Persona will use the Distributed Ledger Technology for managing user permissions, approval transactions and proof-of-identity.

Persona will deploy our own blockchain, called The Persona Blockchain that has the following characteristics:

  • DPOS blockchain with 51 delegates forked out of the Ark ( io ) blockchain
  • The blockchain will be public and will feature interoperability with other blockchains through Smart Bridges7.
  • Persona will integrate natively, at a blockchain level, an IPFS-like solution for sharing documents and files between users.


  • Token Name : PERSONA
  • Symbol : PRS
  • Private sale : 15.12.2017–30.01.2018
  • Public Sale 1 (one) : 01.02.2018–08.02.2018
  • Public Sale 2 (two) : 09.02.2018–16.02.2018
  • Public Sale 3 (tree) : 17.02.2018–24.02.2018
  • Token distribution : 30.02.2018



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