How To Refacing Old Kitchen Cabinets?

Refacing Old Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing Old Kitchen Cabinets – Update your old kitchen cabinets? Should you reface or replace them?
If you are tired of your old kitchen and want to give it a facelift, you have two options. You can replace your cabinets can cost big enough when you factor in the destruction, replacing Cabinet hardware, replace and repair any damage done during installation.

If you are renovating your kitchen, this is the recommended option. This allows you to start fresh, and redesign your kitchen change layout. This can cost some serious money, but you end up with a new kitchen.

The second option is to reface Your cabinets. This consists of using your existing Cabinet boxes, sometimes including doors and hardware, and upgrade Your kitchen cabinets. This is more of a budget and when well, beautiful updated kitchen can provide.


How To Refacing Old Kitchen Cabinets?



Sometimes, the only old closet needs is a good cleanser. Oil and dirt can make cabinets look old and dilapidated; Sometimes it’s much older than they really are. Often just clean simple can update and reface cabinets. However, to clean the cabinets thoroughly, you will want to remove closet doors and use white vinegar and water solution for brushing and cleaning the door. Use the small brush cleaners and a soft cloth to wash your door.


Once you have washed Your closet doors, inspect them for damage. Add wood filler for holes or cracks and sand until it is even with the rest of the Cabinet. The sand and the entire closet doors and then add a layer of paint. You can use any color that goes with your kitchen decor. You can even use the living Acrylic colors to make your closet stand out.

Add some beautiful Molding

Once you have cleaned the closet and add some paint, you may want to add some decorative molding for Cabinet reface them even more. Most remodeling experts suggest you add crown molding to achieve the classic look of the kitchen cabinet.


Refacing Old Kitchen Cabinets, Another great way to give people a lift the closet a good face is to reface cabinets parents. This is probably the closest you can come to draw out the closet parent and get a new one. In this process, you are adding a new layer of the Cabinet facing the closet doors. It offers rejuvenation of the kitchen cabinet. But the refaced cabinets get this requires help from restorers.

Replace hardware

Another great way to add a new look to an old cabinet is by changing the knobs and handles. Small changes can make a big difference to the look of Your cabinets. Wearing a new handle can update and modernize your closet in ways you cannot imagine.

The end of the mind

Really, the best way to give your wardrobe a good lifting them is by refacing them. But this is such a tricky refacing cabinets requires you to take off the front and veneer adds. Of course, there are more than a few DIY methods listed online, but it’s really not the way to go, when you reface kitchen cabinets you really what to get help from the renovation experts.