VIONEX – Sitting at home producing gold

What is vionex?

Vionex provides accrued security for your home moreover as your home. you’ll be able to not solely monitor and management of your home however additionally you’ll be able to management of a good kind of functions in your home moreover because the same lighting as several gadgets gift unit space in your home. Thus, this platform can provide you with with home automation that may assist you create wiser home.

Not only, you’ll be able to house your management however you’ll be able to the management of the individual rooms moreover. {This can afford it this | | maybe it’s going to be this | | could} make certain that you just area unit able to lower the electricity consumption is kind of easy. Once Your square measure capable of lowering electricity consumption, it’s going to be that it becomes easier for you to avoid wasting cash. additionally, you’ll be able to check the temperature on the surface and you’ll be able to let the system be that basically decide the temperature that ought to be in an exceedingly location. Also, facilities like remote protection equally as a wise system of cameras are syndicated with this platform additionally makes it simple for you to enhance protection in your home.

How Vionex works?
With our Vionex-Smart-homes-App, every of our customers will manage their home, or management or rent a building for every company. Customers and firms have access to everything regarding security, lighting, heating or cooling. Blockchain technologies is answerable for recording and storing all the action.

Thus, each action that saved and Smart-home-our system have the chance to be told if customers need to be (customized function/display with Vionex-Smart-homes-App). within the event of injury or malfunctions blockchain provides feedback and displays them within the app. Smart-the best home that works for you. the long run is in your hands.


Excellence VIONEX

  • Easy to use application
  • Everything at a glance
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Can be used on all devices
  • Subscription fee/transaction fee
  • Commission for services paid in Fiat currencies or token VIOX
  • The Commission for mediation and customer recognition
  • Currency (means of payment) for the purchase of Vionex Smart Home



Sales Process Token

70% supply VIOX maintain 100 million offered for sale, the equivalent of 70 million VIOX. Sold in 5 stages with limited presales, followed by public sale. VIOX can be purchased online for $0.5 USD (50 cents United States), with the payment of kriptocurrency with the current exchange rate on the day of the transaction. Bitcoin (BTC) and ethereal (ETH) will be the only method of payment accepted in public sales. The minimum investment is 0.5 Ethereum (ETH) or 200 USD (2 million USD) in the Bitcoin (BTC).

The remaining 30% of the supplies remain (30 million VIOX) is not available through the sale of tokens and will be allocated as follows:



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